F16 Film Camera Store Award Winner – Jessica Lane

We are delighted to announce that Jessica Lane is the F16 Film Camera Store Award Winner. Jessica will receive a free 35mm point and shoot film camera. 

Samuel Fradley, Director of The South West Collective of Photography Ltd/F16 Film Camera Store said:

“When I was judging the exhibition for the F16 prize, I really went back to the theme of home and what that meant during difficult times. For me, homes is somewhat chaotic, it’s somewhere I don’t particularly enjoy being. Jessicas image reminds me of this. It gives a sense of confusion, of chaos, but somehow offers the viewer a subtle calm and peace within this process of uncertainty. The burnt edges of the film and lighting within the image are beautiful and this is an image I found myself going back to during the exhibition.”

Samuels Website: https://www.samuelfradley.com


2020 was marked by global hardship and suffering, a year where the term “uncertainty” became near meaningless but the phrase “life changing” became all too familiar. It has already been recognised as a monumental moment in history of comparative significance to the two world wars, the ripples of which will still be being felt for many years to come. 

But there is a positive legacy of 2020 to be unearthed in the year ahead; one that recognises the strength of communities against overwhelming adversity; one that applauds the extraordinary efforts and individual sacrifices made; and one that celebrates the peace and resilience we were able to find in this new and harsh reality. 

2021 promises a chance for recovery and the search for hope, as we step out on a journey, to find a way home.

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted work! 

Lastly a huge thanks to our exhibition partners: Take it Easy Film Lab, Flourish Magazine, Artizan Gallery and Robert Darch.

Artists Who Exhibited: 

Showcase ( Inhabiting Selection ) – A selection of outstanding artists who submitted a full series of work: 

Alice Oliver, Eleanor Jenkins, Julia Wrzesinska, Megan Ogden, Mellony Taper, Sanne Rietveld, Sari Soininen and Tony Bowen.

Individual Works ( Home Selection ) – 

Agne Rita Kucinskaite, Alice Kemp, Alice Poole, Allie Crewe, Andreea Andrei, Beccy Strong, Clair Robins, Diana Hagues, Ellie Hawkes, Freya Pryce, Georgina Doidge, Ian Wallace, Jessica Lane, Jo Haycock, Kat Harbord, Katie Kinzett, Kimberley Lee, Laurie Broughton, Lewis Brymner, Lo K Clayton, Mairead Dunne, Mark Murton, Nicole Mullan, Rhea Micallef-Gavin, Roger Yersin, Romina Belde, Rosa Nuutinen, Rose Bignall, Sally Tyrie, Sara Cuce, Thomas Oscar Miles, Tommy Sussex, Xiaoli Chang 常, Yoel Reboh, Yuanbo Chen, Zachary Knott.