Canon T50 35mm Film Camera + 80-200mm F1.4 Zoom Lens the south west collective of photography
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Canon T50 35mm Film Camera + 80-200mm F1.4 Zoom Lens

Here we have a great Canon T50 35mm Film Camera with a 80-200mm F1.4 Zoom Lens. This camera is full working condition with a few age related marks. The lens shows a few specs of dust & fungus internally but nothing that will effect picture quality and can be easily cleaned if you know what you are doing. The lens has nice oil free aperture blades and smooth focus and zoom action. Some of the markings have worn a little but overall the lens is in very good condition all round.

In the early 1980s, the SLR still dominated. Metering systems diversified as camera makers competed fiercely to offer the better camera. The confusion may have turned off users as more people began to avoid SLRs.

In 1981, 35mm SLR production peaked at 7.67 million units. Two years later, this amount shrank by more than 30 percent to 5.37 million units.

Amid such market conditions, the Canon T50 was introduced as a wave-of-the-future 35mm SLR camera. It was the first T-series camera. The camera was designed to respond to the user automatically. It was easy to use and anybody could take pictures with it. It had a power winder (which was well received on the Autoboy) and TTL program AE. In 1983, the T50 won the Good Design Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.


Collectible Camera

Full working condition

Great if you are new to film photography 

Easy to use and maintain

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