Minolta High Matic 35mm Range finder on white background

Gorgeous Minolta Hi – Matic F 35mm Rangefinder

Here we have a gorgeous Minolta High Matic F 35mm Rangefinder. This camera is superb for street photography and when you’re on the move. It’s light weight, accurate focus means you can always grab the shot, even in the quickest of moments. Produced in the 1970s, this camera was designed to be lightweight and fun to use.

This camera is in remarkable condition, with minimal marks or scratches. This camera has been extensively cleaned, including the battery ports by us and works as it should, however, there are things you need to know about this camera:

The batteries that this camera were designed for, are no longer produced, so there are a few alternatives that we suggest.

In one occasion, we used two LR44 Batteries taped together and a ball of tinfoil to complete the circuit (As shown in the picture). This worked great, however has a tendency to move if you knock the camera, leading you to reshuffle the batteries to get the camera back to life. This is one of those cameras that needs power to operate.

The second option, which worked far better, was to use a Varta CR1/3N 2L76/CR11108 Lithium Battery with tinfoil on the opposite side to complete the circuit. This was far more accurate and didn’t turn off when knocked. 

However as these batteries are of different voltages to the original, the light meter can be a little over or under sensitive, so depending what film you use, it’s best to shoot a couple of f stops over or under, and test a roll of film so you understand how the camera operates.

Unfortunately it has to be this way, due to the world progressing from the type of batteries that this camera were designed for. However, putting that aside, this camera is a joy to use, it truly is and you will not regret it.


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