Praktica bca 35mm film camera

Gorgeous Praktica BCA 35mm Film Camera with 50mm F1.8 lens (Tested and Working)

Today we have a gorgeous Praktica BCA 35mm Film Camera with 50mm F1.8 Lens. This example of the BCA is in fantastic condition and works a treat. It fires on all settings, has a clean body with an extremely clean viewfinder too. The Lightmeter works fine also. However, the real treat with this camera is the 50mm F1.8 Lens that accompanies it. The camera has minimal age related marks, however, of course, suffers from a few. I purchased this lens, as I thought it was a screw fit for the MTL lens a few months back but realised I had made a mistake. This 50mm was refurbished and cleaned internally and serviced, so it is in near-mint condition and I haven’t used it since. This lens is an absolute gem and I can safely say you don’t get many like this.

There are no visible issues with the camera, with the only exception being the self-timer, which is jammed down and damaged. This does not affect the camera itself or when shooting as I have film tested this camera. Just to recap, the camera works great, the lens is in fantastic condition and is smooth on all apertures, with the only fault being the self-timer which is broken.


Great if you are new to film photography
Fantastic Condition
Excellent, clean 50mm Lens (which is rare)
Easy to use, maintain and clean

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