Praktica MTL 3 35mm Film Camera + Hanimex Auto Zoom 28-80mm Lens
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Praktica MTL 3 35mm Film Camera + Hanimex Auto Zoom 28-80mm Lens

Here we have a fantastic Praktica MTL3 35mm Film Camera in superb condition. This camera comes with a Hanimex Auto Zoom 28-80mm lens, which works smoothly on all apertures. This camera is in great overall condition, with only a few age related marks and scratches. Please read the below carefully:

This particularly camera is in full working condition, however there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. When you pull the winder up and out, to release the door mechanism to open it, the auto release doesn’t work anymore, so you need to pull the winder as far out as possible and open the camera door with your hand, but all works fine. The second point, is that when you wind the camera on after loading in a new film, it makes a rather loud sort of cracking sound, this is just the shutter when new film has been loaded, every other wind is normal and the camera works on all speeds.

The last point, is that the lens works absolutely fine, however does suffer with lens fungus. The fungus wont really effect the overall quality or finish of your images, but you need to now that its there! Apart from that, this camera is in fantastic condition and is all set, ready to go.

*Please note that batteries for the light meter are not included*


  • Collectable and rare
  • Ideal first camera if you are new to 35mm film
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable metal body to survive bumps and dinks
  • Comes with 28-80mm lens, giving you plenty of range and choice.
  • Own a piece of photographic history

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