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Here we have one of our favourite film cameras ever produced, the fantastic Nikon EM. This example of the EM is in great condition and is accompanied by a lovely Centon 28-70mm f3.5 Lens. The EM is in working order, with the shutter working smoothly, and light meter working as it should. The body is in great condition, with no real signs of usage, apart from the small age-related scratches. The viewfinder is clear, with a few dust specs inside the viewfinder. I expect after a good clean, these could be eradicated fairly easily, we just don’t have the correct equipment to clean the sensor, mirrors etc.

With regards to the lens, the lens works perfectly as it should. However, this lens does suffer from haze which will affect image quality. This can be easily fixed by taking the lens apart and cleaning the inside glass, however, we don’t have the correct equipment or time to do so. Apart from that, its a stunning example and has been well looked after. This lens will also attach to any modern full-frame Nikon FX SLR making it a very very suitable lens if you want to save money and don’t mind shooting with manual focus.

Apart from that issue, this is a wonderful example of the pre-digital Nikon cameras. A real treat. I must add that this Nikon Film camera will also fit most FX Nikon Lenses too, I had great fun shooting film using my 35mm from my FX Nikon.

Serial Number: 6504220
Lens: No Serial, designated SWC 0001, Photographed for visual proof of condition.


Comes with Camera Bag
A fantastic example of a Nikon Camera + Collectible
Great if you are new to film photography

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