The South West Collective of Photography Membership


The South West Collective of Photography is a company dedicated to promoting photography and art as a medium in the South West of England, founded in 2018.

Run by Plymouth University’s BA Photography Graduate Samuel Fradley, the Collective aims to one day open an educational and creative space for artists to learn, grow, work and adapt as creative individuals. In order to achieve these goals, we promote photographers, artists, students and graduates online and via Instagram as well as offering a membership scheme via Patreon. I know how difficult the industry is, I also know how heavily it’s based in London. It’s time to bring that industry outside of the city and showcase the almighty wealth of talent we have in the country.

It has been no secret, that (Samuel Fradley – Founder) does not pay himself from the company, nor does anybody receive any financial revenue from it. The company has been running for nearly a year and has become gradually unsustainable as the workload that is required to run it on a full-time basis has simply become too much. In order for the company to grow, progress, host exhibitions, push for change in the industry and help photographers across the United Kingdom and provide meaningful opportunities for photographers, we are introducing a membership scheme via Patreon. This membership will create new revenue for the company and will allow us to do more than ever before. We CANNOT run without your help, nor can we represent you and try and improve the industry without your input and opinions.

Why subscribe to the membership scheme?

For months, we have been thinking of a way to create an engaged, enthusiastic audience for the Collective, one that provides feedback, talks to one another and wants to share work with us on a constant basis, while providing the Collective with an income that can allow it to progress further and implement new features. This membership scheme is the way to do that. This will be a members-only platform for photographers to engage, learn and help one another.

What will you get?

For £5 a month you will get exclusive early access to all of our interviews and articles. These interviews and articles are the backbone to our website. They provide informative, inspiring and real information that can help you progress as a photographer while discussing the key issues that faces us as artists, the world we live in and much more. Not only this, this is your personal channel to speak to the team directly. You can share your ideas, views and opinions on what matters to you and we will be there to support that.

For £10 a month you will get all of the above + an inkjet print every two months from one of the artists.

For £20 a month you shall receive all of the above, plus a zine from a selected artist. (This is great because this allows us to directly support other photographers)

For £30 a month, you shall receive all of the above, plus priority personal replies and reviews of your work by Collective Team Members. All of our team have either studied a BA or higher and promise to give you constructive, non-bias helpful reviews + 10% off on our store on selected products!

In the near future, we will begin a brand new photography podcast. These will be available via early access for all members. All members will also have more chance of their work being featured as we see it quicker and easier than via our normal submission process. Not only this, we will ask established photographers the questions you want to be answered. You will have a direct influence on the content that we create!

I cannot stress how much your support will help us. This a Collective, a group, a team and as photographers it is up to us to decide our own fate. If you help us, we will help you. Together we can achieve great things and make positive change, we just need you to believe in us.

Thank you,

Samuel Fradley – Collective Owner and Founder.