Submission Fee: Pay what you can afford

Faced with a global pandemic, Britain, like the majority of the world has struggled to control the situation. Lockdowns, school closures, restrictions on meetings and events, rules we have never once had to deal with in the past. These dystopian ideals have changed the way we go about our everyday lives. The pandemic has changed the way we think, the way we feel and the way we work. As artists we have been forced to adapt to the situation and work around the location near our home, or, in some cases within our home entirely. Although this has been an exceptionally tough time for everyone, it has presented a rare and unique opportunity to create work surrounding a global crisis that effects each and everyone of us. The Pandemic in Pictures Prizewill be sharing the visual responses of artists and photographers who have created work surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Submission fees for the Pandemic in Pictures Prize are Free however we appreciate all donations on a pay as you feel basis. Like every company this year, we are not immune to the financial difficulties that the pandemic has brought. Any donations will go towards our next exhibition in 2021. The suggested donation fee is £3.50 but we encourage to pay what you can afford.

The submissions for the Pandemic in Pictures Prize can be from photography, fine-art, illustration, graphic or 3D design (any art form). Pandemic in Pictures Prize aims to feature unique and intriguing pieces of work that highlight and document life during the Covid-19 pandemic. This could for example document daily life during the pandemic, isolation, or could document your local area and the differences that the ‘New Normal’ has brought. Submissions can be from ANY GENRE and from ANY ART FORM. Art and imagery created during this time will no doubt be looked back upon for generations to come.

For this prize, we request a maximum of 8 images/pieces of work being submitted. The work can be from a series, or it can be 8 individual images/pieces of work.

Submissions close Tuesday 1st December at midnight. We encourage entry from creatives at any stage in their career.



The winner shall receive an online Mentorship Session with Collective Owner Samuel Fradley.

Shortlisted artists will be featured on The South West Collective’s website and social platforms.



How to submit work? 

Once you’ve selected the ‘Pandemic in Pictures Prize‘ submission in the shop and get to the checkout section of our website, you will be required to enter your personal details.

In the ORDER NOTES box, please include a project description about the work/pieces and an artist statement. Please include a Wetransfer, Dropbox or Googledrive link to download your images. All images need to be pre sized for web and no more than 3mb per file. If your work includes people/portraits, please make sure you have permission to share their images online and specify this.

How to Donate?

To donate, please put the amount you wish to give at the top of the checkout page, for example 10.00 with no currency symbols. This amount will be added to the checkout.

What will donations fee be used for?

*100% of donations will be used towards our next exhibition in 2021 and our socially-engaged arts projects. (We are in the process of building a community darkroom in Torquay!)

When do the submissions end? 

Submissions will close on Tuesday 1st December at midnight.

When will the winner be announced?

The winning artist and shortlist will be announced on the 14th of December. The work will be shown on social platforms from the 14th throughout December. The Mentorship Prize will be arranged between us and the winner.

How will the artists be chosen? 

All artists will be chosen based on the quality of work/portfolio submitted. The work will be judged by Collective owner Samuel Fradley and Creative Director Emma Booth.

What happens if I am chosen?

If you are selected to be featured you will be contacted via email. Each chosen artist will get their own artist page based on our existing features page but with a tweaked design format for this specific online portfolio. Please see our features page here if you are unsure on how this will look.

Does the artist keep the rights to the work?

By submitting work to us each chosen artist gives us the right to share the images and use them as promotional material online unless the artist says otherwise. By submitting work to us, each artist automatically accepts this user agreement. Each artist keeps the rights to the work entirely, but understands that the imagery will remain on The South West Collective website indefinitely. The artist reserves the right to ask us to remove the work at anytime.

Can I sell my work on the website? 

Yes, if you have prints, books or objects such as pottery, we would be happy to sell it on our website. Please be advised we take a commission fee of 30% on most items, however these rates can be negotiated on an individual or per sale basis.

What happens if I am not chosen?        

We will try to contact everyone individually via email, however due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to get back to you. If you do not hear back from us on Monday the 14th of December 2020, please accept that you have not been chosen on this occasion. If you are not chosen we still feature artists throughout the year for free. Please follow our normal submission details on the contact page and try again at a later date.

Pandemic in Pictures Prize

To submit to the Pandemic Prize, please follow this link: pandemic-in-pictures-prize