Visual Storytelling Opening Night:

At 6:30pm on Saturday the 8th of February 2020, the doors opened for The South West Collective’s debut Photographic Exhibition, Visual Storytelling. Visual Storytelling highlights the work of six outstanding artists who have told powerful and emotive stories through the medium of photography. These artists have come together from across the United Kingdom and Europe to exhibit the work in Torquay, the heart of the English Riviera.

Featuring stories from the far reaches of the European Continent and locations closer to home, this exhibition will make you look at photography in ways that you may have not considered. Featuring personal stories of struggles with health, photo essays of a small village near Stalins home town in the Republic of Georgia and explorative work focusing on the world around us, this exhibition has something for everyone.

The launch night was bustling with energy and enthusiasm as members of the community came to see the work on display, accompanied by the smooth and calming music of internationally renowned Saxophone artist Tim Watson, the once abandoned retail unit had a new lease of life.

Business owners, councillors, artists and families were all part of a packed crowd who came to show their support and braved the journey to visit the space in what was dismal weather conditions. We were also delighted to be joined by the MP for Torbay, Kevin Foster and his wife Hazel, who stopped by to see the exhibition and meet our visiting artists which was fantastic for all involved. We are so grateful for his support.

MP for Torbay Kevin Foster, with Collective Owner Samuel Fradley
MP for Torbay Kevin Foster, with Collective Owner Samuel Fradley

Our guests also had the opportunity to meet our exhibiting artists, such as the fantastic Steffen Junghanß, who had epically driven all the way from Berlin to Torquay to exhibit his work “The Invisible Border”. The project is based on the Georgian village of Mejvriskhevi, which can only be entered from the South due to the military conflict between Russia and Georgia in August 2008. Steffen photographed the town and the people that live there. Steffen’s work is on display for the entirety of the exhibition.

Steffen Junghanß - The Invisible Border old man holding photo of him as a child
Steffen Junghanß - The Invisible Border

Our visitors were also able to meet Sara Marinangeli, an Italian artist based in London who is currently studying her MA at The Royal College of Art in London, who is sharing her project “Leaving a Mark” featuring her exceptional one of a kind Darkroom Prints. It is extremely rare to see handmade, bespoke darkroom prints of this kind and size in the modern era.

red tree dark room print fading away
Sara Marinangeli, Leaving a Mark.

The opening night of Visual Storytelling was a brilliant success and we are delighted that so many people came out to show us their support. We would like to thank Jacob and Julie Brandon from the Artizan Gallery for their support to make this happen. We would also like to thank everyone who attended and met with us both before and during the show and to those of you who supported our crowdfunding campaign. Without you, this simply could not have happened.

Visual Storytelling runs from Thursdays to Sunday from 11am to 4pm until Wednesday the 26th of February. We will be opening on Wednesday the 26th of February as it will be our last day open to the public.

Don’t forget we have a live speaking artist talk with British Photographer Robert Darch on February 20th, 6:30-7:30pm in our pop up space along Torquay Highstreet: Booking is Essential, please purchase tickets from the link:

Visual Storytelling is located on the ground floor at Fleetwalk Shopping Centre, along Torquay Highstreet near Greggs.

All of the artwork is on sale during this time. For any sales enquires, please email Samuel Fradley at: [email protected] or pop into the gallery for a chat.

Visual Storytelling Exhibition