Hello! It is with great pleasure to announce that we are seeking a volunteer creative photographic content creator to join the Collective team. This role will involve creating great, engaging content for a variety of our social platforms including our website. This will include interviews, features, links from other blogs and any interesting photography related news that you may come across. It is preferred that you are a recent graduate or student about to graduate, seeking to keep in touch with a photography network. This way we can also help you promote your work and meet new contacts via this fantastic platform.

You must have a competent knowledge of photography academically and be able to engage and discuss photography in a detailed and precise manner. Not only this, as a Collective team member, you must demonstrate that you have created or are working on an engaging and critical piece of photographic practice, one that we can feature and promote on the platform. You must also provide a headshot for our team page.

Experience with WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, google analytics is preferable. (WordPress is the most crucial)

Why is the role voluntary when its a registered company? A great question. The South West Collective may be a company, but that does not mean that its a consistent source of income. Collective owner Samuel Fradley does not pay himself from the collective and also works part-time. While nobody else makes any money from the collective at this time. Of course, as we grow into the future, we obviously hope that this will change, but at this moment in time, any roles are entirely voluntary. If it is possible to pay people further down the line, then that is something we will happily do. We understand how frustrating this is, but also have to accept that it is the reality of the industry at the moment. Only together can we change this vision, but I can no longer sustain this by myself and need some talented individuals to support me.

The chosen individual will have full access to all Collective resources, content and support from members, as well as being able to promote personal work through our channels.

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions!