Tavis Amosford – 20×20 Framed Silhouette Print

This image came out of a period of huge interest I had with 50s American vernacular photography. I was fascinated by the seemingly snapshot aesthetic, which would create mystery within the images. At the same point I began reading works by the Beat Generation. As the two began to influence me I became obsessed with the idea of all the millions of unknown road trips undertaken in this period which only left behind blurry photos of motels and long dead lovers. I produced this work as a response to what I felt when viewing these photos; how they had lost their individuality and became broken narratives only slightly cemented in their nostalgia.

Artist Bio:

Tavis Erskine Amosford is a young photographer working in and around Devon. His work primarily focuses on the landscape he inhabits, studying the history of the area and how this shapes the people who live within it. Tavis works with the haunting nature of the landscape, and it’s predisposed ability to position itself in such a way that it commands mystery.

This image is part of a series: 1/3.

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Image size: 15”x15”

Frame Size: 20”x20”

Paper: Fine Art Inkjet Print on Matt Paper

 £200 Printed and Framed

 £500 for the series


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